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Executive Team

President: Hansol Jung
External Vice President: Sitara Bellam
Internal Vice Presidents: Jessica Tzeng, Emmy Cheng

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UC Berkeley's award-winning creative consulting team

About Us

Who We Are

imagiCal, established in 1980, is the Berkeley chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Our organization functions as a fully student-run advertising agency and creative consultancy comprised of 25-30 undergraduates with a diverse array of interests, academic fields, and backgrounds. We are researchers, athletes, businesspeople, artists, and more. Many of our alumni graduate to top firms in consulting, banking, and tech industries, as well as to academia, science and advertising.

What We Do

Since its inception, imagiCal has continued to develop multi-million dollar campaigns for leading brands in the National Student Advertising Competition. In our work outside case competitions, we deliver unique solutions to a wide array of business problems for clients of varying backgrounds, from local non-profits to billion-dollar corporations. In the past year, we helped an ed-tech startup with their alumni engagement model, rebranded one of China’s largest social media platforms in order to engage the US audience, and helped a local non-profit craft a business model to support food insecure students.

How We Do It

What sets us and our approach apart is the value we place in driving performance with creativity. Our projects often fall at the intersection of business as an art and as a science; our capacity to leverage both analytical and imaginative approaches to problem solving is what makes our work stand out.

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executive board, directors, committees

Hansol Jung
Sitara Bellam
External VP
Emmy Cheng
Internal VP
Jessica Tzeng C
Internal VP
Anna Liang
Strategy Director
Alex Liu
Strategy Director
Carmel Lee
Creative Director
Kenneth Ng
PR Director
Ruby Chen
Production Director
Frances Wu
Media Director
Ethan Lin
Media Director
Jonathan Yang
Senior Advisor
Carolyn Chu
Senior Advisor
Claire Krumm
Senior Advisor
Amanda Woo
Senior Advisor
Frances Cheng
PR Associate


Be Our Sponsor

Everything you see from imagiCal is a result of our perseverance and willingness to spend the time and effort to maximize our wealth and produce the best campaign that we can. While other NSAC teams may have a class or resources dedicated to the competition, imagiCal is 100% student-run and relies completely on donor support to fund our presentation materials and campaign needs. We have a proven track record of attracting the best and brightest to our organization, and as you can see from our accomplishments to the left, we take pride in creating nationally recognized work. Contact us and let us give you a reason (or 20) to sponsor us.


2018 - NSAC District 14 Regional Competition - 2nd place
2017 - NSAC District 14 Regional Competition - 3rd place
2016 - NSAC National Competition - 6th place
2016 - NSAC District 14 Regional Competition - 1st Place
2015 - NSAC District 14 Regional Competition - 2nd Place
2014 - NSAC National Competition - 5th Place
2014 - NSAC District 14 Regional Competition - 1st Place
2013 - NSAC District 14 Regional Competition - 2nd Place
2012 - NSAC District 14 Regional Competition - 1st Place
2012 - Macy's Advertising Competition - 1st Place
2011 - Macy's Advertising Competition - 3rd Place
2010 - AdU Advertising Competition - 1st Place
2010 - Accenture Management National Case Competition - 1st Place
2010 - Target Sustainability Case Competition - 3rd Place
2010 - Cisco-Deloitte E-Business Case Competition - 2nd Place
2010 - NSAC District 12 Regional Competition - 3rd Place
2009 - NSAC National Competition - 3rd Place
2009 - NSAC District 12 Regional Competition - 1st Place
2009 - Cisco-Deloitte E-Business Case Competition - 1st Place
2009 - Accenture Strategy Case Competition - 1st Place
2009 - Check Point Software Case Competition - 1st Place
2009 - Undergraduate Marketing Association Case Competition - 1st Place
2009 - Publicis Intern Case Competition - 1st Place
2007 - Thammasat Business Undergraduate Business Challenge - 2nd Place

Scholarships & Recognition

5 Regent Scholars
1 Alumni Scholar
2 Omicron Delta Epsilon, Economics Honor Society
2 Order of Omega, Greek Honor Society
1 Hewlett Packard Scholarship
1 Edward Kraft Scholarship

Alumni Careers

Banking: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital
Consulting: Deloitte, Accenture, Triage, ZS, Bain, McKinsey
Tech: Google, Cisco Systems, Intuit, Adobe, Microsoft, Hulu
Fashion: L'Oreal, GAP
Advertising: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Publicis, McCann Erickson

Past Clients